Keeps getting better!

Great news! So my wife and I are trying to figure out how to finish our basement, do a deck and hardwood our living room. We had a financial person (of some kind) come in today and take a look at the current state of affairs and see what the next move would be. This included pulling our credit reports which has always filled me with dread due to a car obsession years ago that put me in the bad books! Anyways, it turns out that things are in excellent standing and all R numbers are GONE! Wow I feel so abundant and prosperous its amazing. I was meditating about this the other day and here it is manifesting for me! Also, we were told that with this new found information that we should be able to get a line of credit that will not only wipe out our existing debt, but will allow us to make the renovations we want AND pay less every month to do so. This stuff really works! Woot I am in such alignment with spirit right now I feel as though I am completely energized from within! Awesome!


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