Day 2!

Day 2 has begun! Wow what a day already. Last night when falling asleep (at 9pm hehe) I told myself “you are going to have a great night, disconnected from your consciousness and you will wake up with boundless energy! Universe, if there is anything you need to tell me, I am open and receptive to hearing it!” Well throughout my slumber, I kept getting flashes of “Volunteer” and “Help Others”. Quite the message I think! I had a dream I was helping Honey Boo Boo (don’t laugh) and I had the overwhelming feeling I should be better utilizing my assistance! After a slight touch of analyzing this craziness, I think it means that I should better use my time (instead of watching trash on TV) and help people who really need it. This has started me on a path of looking for volunteer opportunities in a field I have enjoyed in the past. Helping others and specifically helping people with disabilities. How exciting! Will update when I find a path…

When I got to work this morning I was immediately inundated with negativity (as is the usual for most days im afraid). Something about coffee stains and mugs left in the sink. Seems like any little thing will set the red dragon off. Not entirely sure why, but with two years left to retirement and a conscous decision to “give up” I think I am starting to get a clearer picture. In line with my challenge, I brushed this off and kept on my merry way (in my head anyways!). Life is treated SO SERIOUSLY! Chill out peeps! All is well… have fun! Man alive. What is going to happen is going to happen and our decisions about how we let it effect us truly shapes our existence and our lives! Get in the driver seat and be conscious!

My wife is on this journey with me and I am so lucky to have her as a companion. Signing off!




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