So tired! Well maybe not as much right now. Heres how I did it. I was sitting here at my desk in beautiful Erin, Ontario, looking out at the trees full of life and listening to the wind blow. I was thinking to myself “man im bored. Im really not liking this job right now…” oops crap that is not in line with my 10 day challenge! You know.. the positivity thing and all that! I started thinking “well, I have a job for one. I have some stuff to do (albeit personal) but who cares. Its slow here BUT it has given me the opportunity to find this journey I am on and learn more about it. It has helped me to lose 25 lbs (as I could research techniques here..) etc. Maybe its not so bad after all! All in how you look at it” and that’s how I did it. Remembering what I have been able to achieve here. Anyways… an update.


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