10 day challenge….

So. Today starts a Tony Robbins 10 day challenge. I am so grateful to have found such a challenge and am excited to get started. I have some trepidation as I am not sure I know the guidelines BUT will put my best foot forward to give it my all. The power of positive thinking. Sounds cliché but everything I am reading and learning about recently is pointing in this direction. Our thoughts/decisions change our lives. What a concept. The prospect of assuming the driver seat on my own life is beyond exciting. To think of only solutions and not dwell on problems. To always look for the positive in every situation and consciously decide to make the best of everything that is encountered. It says 10 days but I am assuming it will go beyond that. That’s also the exciting part. To impart this knowledge on my children would be another gift/blessing. Finding something to appreciate in every moment etc. I have already met some challenges today and some negativity that has aimed at sapping my positivity.  I brushed it off. To be told that we are having too much fun is laughable! Why is it that as adults, we feel like we have to be the serious ones? That joking around is for children and we have to keep things together. No playfulness. Life is hard and we best treat it with respect and not lightly. My goal is to buck this trend and have fun! Wish me luck!


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