Keeps getting better!

Great news! So my wife and I are trying to figure out how to finish our basement, do a deck and hardwood our living room. We had a financial person (of some kind) come in today and take a look at the current state of affairs and see what the next move would be. This included pulling our credit reports which has always filled me with dread due to a car obsession years ago that put me in the bad books! Anyways, it turns out that things are in excellent standing and all R numbers are GONE! Wow I feel so abundant and prosperous its amazing. I was meditating about this the other day and here it is manifesting for me! Also, we were told that with this new found information that we should be able to get a line of credit that will not only wipe out our existing debt, but will allow us to make the renovations we want AND pay less every month to do so. This stuff really works! Woot I am in such alignment with spirit right now I feel as though I am completely energized from within! Awesome!


Day 2!

Day 2 has begun! Wow what a day already. Last night when falling asleep (at 9pm hehe) I told myself “you are going to have a great night, disconnected from your consciousness and you will wake up with boundless energy! Universe, if there is anything you need to tell me, I am open and receptive to hearing it!” Well throughout my slumber, I kept getting flashes of “Volunteer” and “Help Others”. Quite the message I think! I had a dream I was helping Honey Boo Boo (don’t laugh) and I had the overwhelming feeling I should be better utilizing my assistance! After a slight touch of analyzing this craziness, I think it means that I should better use my time (instead of watching trash on TV) and help people who really need it. This has started me on a path of looking for volunteer opportunities in a field I have enjoyed in the past. Helping others and specifically helping people with disabilities. How exciting! Will update when I find a path…

When I got to work this morning I was immediately inundated with negativity (as is the usual for most days im afraid). Something about coffee stains and mugs left in the sink. Seems like any little thing will set the red dragon off. Not entirely sure why, but with two years left to retirement and a conscous decision to “give up” I think I am starting to get a clearer picture. In line with my challenge, I brushed this off and kept on my merry way (in my head anyways!). Life is treated SO SERIOUSLY! Chill out peeps! All is well… have fun! Man alive. What is going to happen is going to happen and our decisions about how we let it effect us truly shapes our existence and our lives! Get in the driver seat and be conscious!

My wife is on this journey with me and I am so lucky to have her as a companion. Signing off!



10 day challenge….

So. Today starts a Tony Robbins 10 day challenge. I am so grateful to have found such a challenge and am excited to get started. I have some trepidation as I am not sure I know the guidelines BUT will put my best foot forward to give it my all. The power of positive thinking. Sounds cliché but everything I am reading and learning about recently is pointing in this direction. Our thoughts/decisions change our lives. What a concept. The prospect of assuming the driver seat on my own life is beyond exciting. To think of only solutions and not dwell on problems. To always look for the positive in every situation and consciously decide to make the best of everything that is encountered. It says 10 days but I am assuming it will go beyond that. That’s also the exciting part. To impart this knowledge on my children would be another gift/blessing. Finding something to appreciate in every moment etc. I have already met some challenges today and some negativity that has aimed at sapping my positivity.  I brushed it off. To be told that we are having too much fun is laughable! Why is it that as adults, we feel like we have to be the serious ones? That joking around is for children and we have to keep things together. No playfulness. Life is hard and we best treat it with respect and not lightly. My goal is to buck this trend and have fun! Wish me luck!


So tired! Well maybe not as much right now. Heres how I did it. I was sitting here at my desk in beautiful Erin, Ontario, looking out at the trees full of life and listening to the wind blow. I was thinking to myself “man im bored. Im really not liking this job right now…” oops crap that is not in line with my 10 day challenge! You know.. the positivity thing and all that! I started thinking “well, I have a job for one. I have some stuff to do (albeit personal) but who cares. Its slow here BUT it has given me the opportunity to find this journey I am on and learn more about it. It has helped me to lose 25 lbs (as I could research techniques here..) etc. Maybe its not so bad after all! All in how you look at it” and that’s how I did it. Remembering what I have been able to achieve here. Anyways… an update.

Celebrate Your Fears

Great post…

Feed Your Innerverse

This video is very funny. I had to laugh out loud because yes: often times we take ourselves far too seriously. Well, I can speak for myself:)

When we feel fear, we tend to run away or freeze. This way we build up resistance and we don’t see the chance to grow through this particular experience. We feel scared and want this emotion to go away – and this makes it even worse. We concentrate on what we don’t want.

When we feel scared and aren’t in real danger, this is the moment to stop and take a look inside. Feel your fear and do it anyway, because on the other side of your fear is freedom. Take it easy. Celebrate your fear. Acknowledge it. Be curious. It is just an emotion, again: energy moving through your body.

There is always a lesson to learn. Ask yourself: what is the reason…

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